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Freddy WR.UP® Women Push-Up Pants - 7/8 - High Waist Super Skinny - Latex-Effect - Black

WRUP4HS439 - N0
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Jul 23, 2024 18:40:57
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  • WR.UP®-püksid
  • Push-up efektiga
  • Vöökoht: High waist
  • Tegumood: 7/8 - Super Skinny
  • Materjal: polüester, polüuretaan

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WR.UP® teeb kurvid ilusamaks: eriline kuju, kvaliteetne materjal ja kerged silikoonmembraanid kujundavad teie puusi ning tuharat. Püksid istuvad nii mugavalt, et neid ei ole peaaegu jalas tunda.


WR.UP® on tehtud unikaalsest bi-elastsest kangast, mis venib mõlemale poole. Püksid tõstavad esile loomuliku figuuri.


WR.UP® vormib ja toob esile puusad ning silikoonist vöörihm tagab optimaalse toe. Vöötugi toestab mugavalt vöökohta ilma liigset survet avaldamata.


High waist
Super skinny
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What makes WR.UP® unique?

Incredibly comfortable

Usually denim fabric stretches only one way, making it stiff and uncomfortable to the touch. Our ultra-soft bi-elastic fabric stretches in multiple directions and doesn't restrict your movements.

Highlights and shapes in just the right places

Specially designed stitching and silicone support accentuate shapes and provide support. No need to hide your shape!

Don't fall off on their own

The elasticated waistband keeps the trousers in place, yet they flex with the waist just right. Goodbye to sagging and lifting!

Exceptionally versatile

One pair of trousers for every occasion - when you want to dress up or when you're casually on the loose.

Perfect travel companions

No more compromising comfort for style. Ultra-light and compact, they'll always go with you when you travel.

For most body types

With our range of waist, length and style options, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your body.